New year, new way to wash your fabric mask! Plus, $5 shipping within BC!
New year, new way to wash your fabric mask! Plus, $5 shipping within BC!
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A Clean Mask is a Safe Mask.

We at theMaskWash have always been sticklers for cleanliness.  This is how my sister and I grew up.  Washing our hands as kids morphed into something ‘next level’ as adults.  Way before COVID times, we are the ones you have seen on planes, with our pack of disinfectant wipes wiping down everything before taking our seat (yes, we felt the stares and eyerolls). In our hotel rooms, every light switch, handle, remote control and bathroom fixture was also wiped down. Extreme? Maybe to some.  But really it was a natural progression to where we are today.

Now we have fabric masks thrown into the mix.  We are diligently wearing them everyday in order to reduce the risk of viruses transmitting amongst our nearest (and sometimes not so dearest) circles. However, we also need to wash them everyday and we’re certainly not going to throw in one or two masks in a wash machine to run a whole cycle.  And, we can’t leave it unwashed for days hoping to collect enough clothes to do it either.  So, we’ve come up with theMaskWash system.  Our silicone bags accommodate a few masks at a time so you can safely contain the ‘dirty’ in one place, quickly allowing you to hand wash them (even allowing them to soak if they’re extra soiled—I’m looking at you, lipstick) without mixing with all of your other washables.  That way you can get those masks clean, dried and ready to wear the next day, and everyday.  

A clean mask is a safe mask.